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We will update your GPS tracking equipment and lower your yearly cost with new 4G technology!
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Great for fleets of any size. LoJack vs No Theft GPS
gps tracking for Freightliner, big rigs, cars, trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment theft prevention4g_gps_vehicle_equipment_tracker
NEW! Driver ID and ignition lockout with GPS tracking. Driver must touch ID tag to start the vehicle. Tracking map shows driver and vehicle location. Click Here

4G GPS tracking now here! New 4G GPS vehicle tracking systems are the best systems for your United States located farm machines, heavy equipment, delivery vehicles, and anything else 12 or 24 volt! Disable the equipment's starter from your phone*. No Theft GPS offers history reports 24/7 and delivers you the information from any internet connection. Up grade to our "Value Fleet Program" with engine hours reporting, speeding alert and Idle notification. Great for equipment rental companies and company vehicles. Know when your machines start and stop and get real time location in seconds. Our defined hours of operation setting will let you know if your equipment moves when it is not suppose to through a text or email alert. Installation is a simple power, ground, and optional ignition sense. 2G GPS/GSM systems will soon lose connection and 3G is 4 years away. All of our tracking units are now 4G with with built-in battery backup. We are perfect for smaller fleets. We offer personal assistance to all your vehicle tracking needs. No extra charges. Additional years are only $85 for our base tracking system. Monthly programs as low as $17 per unit*. Know where and when your vehicles and operators are working. Only you have access to your password protected Website. We offer volume discounts.
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Track you assets across the USA 24 / 7 from anywhere you have cell coverage and internet connection. Your personal web site shows you the location of your assets in real time within minutes of your  search.
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